Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I'm Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant..!!

Hi / Annyeonghaseyo / Gunaiden / Sawadikap / Hello / Hola / Namaste / Konichiwa..
I am Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, newly join in October 2015. Although I have been observing (haha) since I attended my friend's skincare class 2 years back in 2014.. Now I have to be more careful and cautious because there are so many cosmetics and skincare sold especially at shopping complex and also online! Based on my experience, you know I tend to have a 'look' and 'test' most of cosmetics sold.. hehe. If I want to list ALL skincare that I used.. may took me all night long.. HAHAHA
Below are some of the products 
- TABITA (peeling product)
- NOVELLE VISAGE (peeling product)
- ODBO (korean product)
- SKIN FOOD (korean product)
- Dr. G (korean product)
- Bio OIL
- Sendayu Tinggi Oily set
- Etude ( make up)
- Eucerin (pharmacy)
- etc

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