Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mushroom soup recipe

As-salam.. Di atas permintaan rakan-rakan di facebook ku yang juga ex-classmate masa matrix ITTAR Langkawi, maka di sini saya sertakan resepi mushroom soup aka sup cendawan (style mat saleh).. Okay, sila fahamkan resepi di bawah ye.. Kalau tak paham boleh tanya.. hehehe

Recipe name: creamy of wild mushroom & herbs potato soup
Holland onion         - diced 2 no's (potong dadu - satu biji)
Garlic                - whole         (150g)
shitake mushrooom     - sliced (1.5kg)
white button mushroom - sliced (500g)
swiss brown mushroom  - sliced (500g)
potato                 - roughly chopped (1kg)
celery                - sliced (1 stick)
thyme herbs/origano/parsley - 2 tbsp
water              - 5 liter
anchor culinary cream - chilled (as require)
salt              - to taste
course black pepper   - to taste


1) Heat a olive oil in a pan then place in Holland onion & garlic, cook until it's a bit brown & aromatic.
2) Next add in shitake mushroom, button mushroom, swiss brown mushroom, potato, celery & thyme & cook again till all soften.
3) Pour in water & let it boil. (2-3 hours)
4) Blend all till it's fine & smooth, pour back into the pot and then add in Anchor Culinary Cream, salt & course black pepper. serve.

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